Monday, November 14, 2011

Lunch Chat: What Makes Free Will Free (11/17)

We'll talk about free will in the next lunch chat. I hope you'll choose to come. Of course, if the world is deterministic, then your choice will be based on initial conditions and laws of nature set up by the big bang — and so not really your choice. On the other hand, if the world isn't deterministic, then your "choice" is more like a coin flip than a genuinely free choice. . . .

So I hope that initial conditions and/or chance conspire to have you join us for soup and bread and philosophical chitchat. Newcomers always welcome. We meet in the Philosophy Lounge, 62 Coleman Hall.

For background, you might read a recent Stone column, "What Makes Free Will Free?". Or check out David Sosa’s summary of the basic problem for free will from “Waking Life”:

As it happens, I wrote a little philosophical short story on this issue not too long ago — if you get very inspired.