Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Lunch Chat (2/11): Discovering Species

Professor Chris Martine
The next lunch chat will feature Professor Chris Martine from Bucknell's Biology Department, joining us to talk about species. Professor Martine is a botanist recently back from Australia where he co-discovered a new species of "bush tomato" (related to an eggplant) that has some fascinating features.

But what is it to discover a species? What are species and why are they important to science and conservation? How much do we know about what species exist? How many species are out there that we don't know about yet? How important is it to find them?

Join us on Tuesday (note: not our usual Thursdays) at noon in Willard Smith Library to discuss these and other intriguing issues with a working field biologist. As usual, lunch (salad and pizza) will be provided.

Meanwhile, check out Professor Martine's awesome YouTube channel, "Plants are Cool Too!".