Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Lunch Chat (9/25): Understanding Understanding

Join us at noon on September 25 in the Willard-Smith Library in Vaughan Lit for a lunch chat with Philosophy Professors Matthew Slater and Jason Leddington to discuss understanding, how it differs from knowledge, and why this might matter for science communication.

This lunch chat is the first of a series of events connected to the Production of Public Understanding of Science Project for which Professors Slater and Leddington have secured a grant from the Varieties of Understanding Project at Fordham University. (For further understanding-related events in Fall 2014, see this post.)
For some background on understanding, its nature, and why we care about it, check out this post by NYU philosopher of science Michael Strevens on the NYT philosophy blog, The Stone. Also have a look at this interesting interview with Fordham philosopher Stephen Grimm at 3AM.