Monday, November 10, 2014

Philosophical Film: "Crimes & Misdemeanors"

Tuesday, November 11th @ 7PM
Campus Theatre — admission $2

Woody Allen's classic dark comedy ensemble piece about infidelity and murder raises a number of really fascinating moral questions. How do we know how to live? What kind of moral structure do we need? Our film programmer Rebecca Meyers puts it this way: "Clearly influenced by his admiration for Ingmar Bergman’s cinematic worldview — an absent God and the universe’s indifference to the problems of mere mortals — Allen conceived a story in which Manhattanites grapple with alternately shocking and hilarious philosophical quandaries concerning adultery." 

“The movie’s secret strength — its structure, really — comes from the truth of the dozens and dozens of particular details through which it arrives at its own very hesitant, not especially comforting, very moving generality.”  
      – Vincent Canby, New York Times
Jason Leddington and I will say a bit more by way of introduction before the showing.