Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Lunch Chat (3/19): Philosophy and Genocide

with Dr. Lissa Skitolsky (Associate Professor, Susquehanna University)

Thursday, March 19th at noon in the International Commons (151 Coleman Hall)

Dr. Lissa Skitolsky (Associate Professor, Susquehanna University) will explain how philosophers have contributed to the field of genocide studies, as well as share her own current research on the genocidal wounds inflicted by mass incarceration in the United States. This research makes use of certain rap songs as testimony about the experiences of African-Americans who are targeted by police and then subject to psychological and physical suffering while incarcerated. Skitolsky will illustrate her thesis by playing a few rap songs that illustrate how the entire Black community suffers when individuals are given excessively long sentences and subject to violence while ‘wards of the state.’