Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Colloquium: Lissa Skitolsky, "Raising the 'Walking Dead': Der Muselmann and the Course of Holocaust Studies"

The next talk in the Bucknell Philosophy Colloquium series will be offered by Lissa Skitolsky, Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Susquehanna University on

Raising the "Walking Dead": Der Muselmann and the Course of Holocaust Studies
Wednesday, April 11th: 4:30–6PM
Traditional Reading Room (213 Bertrand Library)

Abstract: The term 'Muselmann' was common slang in concentration camps in Nazi Germany, designating a category of prisoner who was recognized as already dead while still alive. Survivors refer to them as the 'living skeletons' or the 'walking dead' of the Nazi camps. This talk maps out three key philosophical attempts to come to grips with the meaning of Holocaust victims' experiences, each corresponding to a distinct view of this figure.