Sunday, April 1, 2012

Lunch Chat (4/5): Does it Matter Whether Got Exists?

For our next Philosophy Lunch Chat, we'll return to "The Stone" column and the issues raised by Gary Gutting's interesting piece "Does it Matter Whether God Exists?". One of the more interesting ideas broached by Gutting's discussion is the thought that given what some theists feel compelled to say about the problem of evil (i.e. the problem of how to square the idea of an omnipotent/omnibenevolent god with the existence of great evil in the world), they might have to admit that they know considerably less than they're comfortable about god's intentions in general.

Should we consider the possibility of religion as pure tradition — as a practice that doesn't depend on specific beliefs about god's intentions (or even his/her existence)? We'll talk about these and other questions Thursday in the Philosophy Lounge (Coleman 62) at noon over pizza as usual.