Monday, September 10, 2012

Philosophical Film Tuesday: "The Truman Show"

"We accept the reality with which we're presented." — Christof

I'm not giving anything away by saying that The Truman Show is a story about "Reality TV" on a grand scale. This genre had been around for a while in 1998, but hadn't yet seen anything like the explosion of popularity that occurred in the 2000s. Like The Matrix, the film raises some hard questions about the nature and possibility of knowledge and the nature of reality — Is Truman's world real for him? Does this differ for his "friends" and "family"? Does he even have friends? — but in a strikingly different way.

Come see, Tuesday the 11th at 7:30PM in Trout Auditorium (in Vaughan Lit; free admission, all are welcome)

We'll be back at the Campus Theatre on September 25th; more screenings here.