Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Lunch Chat (9/27): The Self

Hopefully you were able to check out our screening of "Being John Malkovich" last night. What a wonderfully wacky movie!

The movie got me thinking about the idea of "the self". Like many concepts that have received philosophical attention, the self seems in one sense totally accessible and unproblematic — it's just my consciousness, my internal monologue, my beliefs and desires, &c. — but in another, it is rather elusive. What makes me me? In virtue of what have I persisted over time? Is my conception of my "self" a product of a particular cultural or religious background? Where is the self "located"?

If any of these questions seem interesting and/or you like pizza, stop on by the Philosophy Lounge (62 Coleman Hall) on Thursday at noon and we'll see if we can make any sense of them.