Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Lunch Chat (10/4): Thinking Meat!

That's us! H/T to my colleague Jason Leddington put me on to this little short, "They're Made Out of Meat", based on the short short story with the same title. After teaching topics in the philosophy of mind for the last couple of weeks, I've really been getting caught up the issues (and feeling torn about them). One issue I've never felt very torn about, however, is the possibility of artificial intelligence. It seems, though, that lots of people presume that there's something special about our neurology that allows us to enjoy mentality.

The fun conceit of this short is that there's something a little unbelievable about this too.

And here's where I do start feeling torn: It's difficult to conceive of how "meat" can think — or, what's more, have subjective experiences. For this lunch chat, I'd like to talk about the prospects for artificial intelligence and its relevance to our conception of ourselves. See you on Thursday at noon as usual: 62 Coleman Hall.