Sunday, September 15, 2013

Lunch Chat (9/19): Is Economics a Science?

Tucker Nichols for the New York Times — click for the article.
Economics been called "the dismal science" as far back as the 19th century. More recently, some have cited its apparently dismal performance at predicting the last global recession as reason for rethinking its status as a science at all.

Philosophy Lunch Chats kicks off its 2013–14 season this Thursday, September 19th at noon with a discussion of whether it is helpful to think of economics as a science. Our touchstone will be the recent piece by Alex Rosenberg and Tyler Curtain in the New York Times' "The Stone" column: "What is Economics Good For?" You might also wish to read Thomas Paul Krugman's reply. [Ack! I'm mixing my NYTimes economists!]

We will be joined by two guest experts from the Economics Department: Professor Gregory Krohn and Professor Geoff Schneider. As usual, lunch will be served. We hope you will stop by for some informal discussion.

About Philosophy Lunch Chats: About every two weeks throughout the term, interested faculty, staff, students, and community members get together in the Willard–Smith Library in Vaughan Literature Building from noon to 1PM to chat about some philosophical topic over lunch in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. There's nothing to sign up for, and you won't get a grade, ever. Feel free to be a regular or show up just once. For more information about Philosophy Lunch Chats or to offer suggestions for future chats (warmly welcomed), either contact Professor Matthew Slater <> or Professor Jason Leddington <>.

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