Sunday, September 29, 2013

Upcoming Events

We are pleased to announce several more departmental events for the Fall 2013 term:

Public Lecture by Professor Robert Audi (University of Notre Dame)
"The Problem of Evil as a Challenge to Philosophy and Theology:  Can Theism Be Rational Given the Evils of History?"
November 14th, 7PM (location TBA)

"A.I. Week": November 18th–22nd
November 19th, 7:30PM: Philosophical Film Night at the Campus Theatre: "2001: A Space Odyssey"
November 21st, 4PM: "Artificial Intelligence: An Interdisciplinary Conversation"
A Panel Discussion with John Hunter (Comparative Humanities), Brian King (Computer Science), Jason Leddington (Philosophy), and Joe Tranquillo (Biomedical and Electrical Engineering)

Lunch Chats 
in the Willard–Smith Library (in Vaughan Lit) at noon; lunch is provided.

10/3: "Is Consciousness a Problem for Evolution?" — with Professor Tristan Stayton (Biology)

10/17: "Friendship: For Better or Worse?" — with Professor Sheila Lintott (Philosophy)

10/31: Special Halloween Lunch Chat: "Horror and the Uncanny" — with Steve Gibson (director of The Feed, Professor Pete Groff (Philosophy), and Professor JT Ptacek (Psychology)